Follow us again!
Jun 27
A special welcome gift for all the new players: Until end of July 2014, follow us on Twitter, send us a message with the name of your character and the tag #Siegenewplayer and you will receive 20 diamonds to start with the right foot. You can also Tweet "@SiegeonlineUS My diamonds #Siegenewplayer" and the name of your character You have already received the gift with the first "Follow us" we thank you again, so you can participate too!
A gift for all players
Jun 27
To celebrate the launch of the New Ecdge from now till 20th July you can buy any Diamonds at half price! Same quantity but 50% less price!
Patch up and running
Jun 26
We are glad to announce that we complete the process and now Siege Servers are back! Patch the New Edge has been completed
Siege Online Keys giveaway!
Jun 1
The Gaming Ground has launched a Siege Online give away!:

Participate if you like to get a key from Siege Online with 40 diamonds! And join The Gaming Ground as well

Thanks Gaming Ground!
Preview New Expansion
May 30
We published some preview screen of the incoming new expansion: a lot of new mounts and remodeled zones. Check it out here
Weekly scheduled maintenance
May 16
We inform all players that every Monday 8 am -9 am PST we have scheduled a server maintenance. The server can go offline for 30 minutes during the scheduled maintenance
Downloading the client
2014-04-02 7:14:35 PM
Please note that some antivirus can detect the Siege Online client as a threat, also if the client is clean and perfectly safe. We suggest to create an exception on your antivirus so we can install the client without any problem.
Complete Game Guide
2014-03-27 7:25:26 PM
Do you need some information about Siege Online? Read the Complete Game Guide with all the basic information about the game and his main activities like Geology, Hunting, Combat, Construction and so on. There are a lot hints and suggestion to give you directions how to enjoy Siege Online at the best. Check it here
Group quests and events guide
2014-03-26 12:44:53 AM
In Siege online there a lot of group quests that players can do together with other players also belonging to different clans and also some global events at higher level. You can check on the forum the list of all those group quests and events. Check it out here
Leveling Guide 1-20
2014-03-26 12:42:15 AM
We published the leveling guides for levels 1-20. The guides are very useful to have some hints and information about which is the best way to level up. There are listed all the quests and some special group quests you can do. Check it out here
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